Day: December 2, 2009


Attaching a 35mm lens to an iPhone

In case you missed it, Gizmodo ran a story yesterday about an ILM Research Engineer who used DVD player parts, PVC piping, and duct tape to mount an 18-55mm zoom lens on his iPhone. You can read all about the Phone-O-Scope on the creator’s blog. While this isn’t the first experiment of its kind (OWLE did something similar), it is additional evidence that we are inching closer to a palm-sized camera capable of shooting big-screen worthy vids — shallow depth of field, and all. Good times!

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VideoSpace helps justify your ludicrous hard drive spending

Digital Heaven, a company best known for its innovative Final Cut Pro companion products, has just released an update to its video file-size calculator. Available as a free web app, VideoSpace v3 adds support for new ProRes codecs introduced in Final Cut Pro 7.  And since it’s a web app, it should work with any pint-sized web browser, not just the iPhone. Point your pocket to www.videospaceonline.com …and get ready to gasp in horror when you realize that you’ll need another 5 terabytes to finish your Elvis figurine documentary.

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