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Shang-Chi Director Directed From His iPhone

I enjoyed reading this brief ScreenRant story, so I thought I’d share it here. It describes how Destin Daniel Cretton, the director of Marvel’s Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings, was forced to direct an important scene via his iPhone while in the hospital for the birth of his child! Sadly, it doesn’t divulge the details of that unusual workflow, but it’s an excellent reminder that we’re all toting the world’s most versatile piece of filmmaking gear in our pockets and purses!

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Astronaut floating in space with abstract structures and binary code in the background.

Xiaomi launches Xiaomi Studios to showcase mobile filmmakers

Xiaomi has just launched Xiaomi Studios. The new “Studio” will highlight an expanding selection of smartphone films in an effort to promote the brand and its mobile devices. Considering the incredible quality of today’s smartphone cameras, it’s a savvy and very cost-effective marketing move. And, even though it’s blatant advertising in the guise of an artistic undertaking, and even though

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Taz Goldstein on the Mobile Creator Podcast.

I’m on the Mobile Creator Podcast!

I had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed on the Mobile Creator Podcast earlier this week! It was a genuine blast being able to chat about the ‘then and now’ of mobile media creation. You can find my episode on their official website, or in the podcast player of your choice. You can also visit their YouTube channel to

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A collection of colorful Apple Watch icons with various designs signifying different functions and apps, including Stories for filmmakers in the App Store.

App Store “Stories” are promoting interesting apps for filmmakers

Is it just me or has the App Store been especially friendly to filmmakers lately? Recently, Apple has published a bunch of Stories (their name for a collection of related apps) that feature exciting and semi-useful apps for mobile media makers. Here’s a quick sampling: “Shoot it Short and Funky” features 7 unique video camera apps. “Start a Summer Video Project”

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#FiLMiCFest Worldwide Mobile Film Festival

FiLMiC Pro has launched #FiLMiCFest for FiLMiC FiLMMAKERS!

Heads-up mobile media makers, the gang behind our favorite mobile camera app, FiLMiC Pro, has just booted up their very own #FiLMiCFest – an international mobile film festival. Not only is it a great opportunity to show off your fancy FiLMiC footwork, but you could win some fantastic gear to boot! Go enter now!

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Mid-20th century black and white photograph of two young boys, one writing on a desk and the other standing behind him, with overlaid text "O.P.N.

O.P.N. for APRIL 11th, 2019

Welcome to another edition of Other People’s News. Here are a few of the more interesting info-nuggets I’ve recently spotted around the web-o-sphere: 9to5 Mac covers a few of the biggest announcements from this year’s NAB conference, including FiLMiC Pro’s new companion app, FiLMiC Audio. This new app turns your old iOS devices (like that old iPhone 6 sitting in your closet)

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