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Apple Highlights Filmmaking Apps

The iOS App Store’s “Today Tab” just got a lot more interesting! Apple has highlighted a small collection of high-quality apps for iPhone and iPad owning filmmakers. The feature called “Pro Tip: From Script to Screen” lists four apps for preproduction, five for use on set, and another four for postproduction. While it’s a good list, it’s far from complete. Take a look in our APP DIRECTORY for a more comprehensive collection. Here are all of the apps listed in Apple’s feature. Preproduction On Set Postproduction

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Map Camera puts location scout maps right on your photos

Map Camera is a new app for iPhone & iPad that inserts maps directly on your photos, which is very handy when location scouting. While the default iOS camera app captures GPS metadata with each photo, if doesn’t present that information on a map until you view the photo in an application designed to display maps. With Map Camera, the photo’s origin is visible the moment you glance at the photo. Very handy! Looking for a location (or tech) scouting app with more power? Check out these alternatives in the directory. SOURCE: SeeSawApps https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id

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Mindmeld Reviews Panavision’s PanaScout

Panavision recently released PanaScout, an iPhone app to help you with location scouting.  We were planning on doing our own review, but Paul Leeming beat us to the punch.  He has posted a nice-n-concise review on his new blog, Mindmeld.

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