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Welcome to another edition of Other People’s News. What follows are some of the more interesting info-nuggets I’ve recently spotted around the web-o-sphere. On his VJ Technology Blog, Glen Mulcahy offered up a super handy cheat sheet of iMovie gestures. He also discusses what I believe is the app’s best new feature: the ability to detach audio from existing video clips. Glen also recently published a very nice report on using radio mics (lavs, handhelds, etc.) with an iPhone. iMore took a look at the recent olloclip update. The new version offers an additional macro lens, and more. If you’ve

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The GLIF tripod mount and COSMONAUT Stylus are on sale

Studio Neat is celebrating Fathers Day and future graduates by offering a 20% discount on the GLIF (their awesome, pocket-sized iPhone tripod mounts for iPhone 4, 4S, and 5) and the Cosmonaut (their equally awesome, sharpie-sized stylus).  The discount also applies to their excellent book, It will Be Exhilarating — a fascinating chronicle of their experiences launching products on Kickstarter. To get the discount, just head to their website, and enter discount code DADS & GRADS during checkout. Make sure not to click the first PayPal logo, since that bypasses the screen where you can enter the code. As an added bonus,

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MacWorld / iWorld 2013: Jot Touch pressure sensitive stylus

If you’ve read my book, you know I’m a fan of the Jot stylus. It’s a great tool when storyboarding on the iPad. Rather than using the typical rubber nub, the Jot utilizes a clever clear disc that freely pivots on a tiny ball. I’d love to add a tiny-ball joke here, but I don’t have time. Now, Adonit (Jot’s developer) has upped the ante with the Jot Touch, a Bluetooth pressure sensitive stylus that kicks mountains of ass. I sat in the Adonit booth for 20 minutes, playing with the Jot Touch, and I can say with certainty that this thing

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Nomad Brush lets pre-vis artists ‘PAINT’ on their iPad

Here’s another cool-as-hell iPad accessory I found at iWorld. The Nomad Brush is an iPad stylus that looks AND FEELS like a traditional paintbrush. Perfect for tablet toting previsualization artists who come from a painting background. I imagine it would be a terrific partner for painting apps like SketchBook Pro.

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