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App Store “Stories” are promoting interesting apps for filmmakers

Is it just me or has the App Store been especially friendly to filmmakers lately? Recently, Apple has published a bunch of Stories (their name for a collection of related apps) that feature exciting and semi-useful apps for mobile media makers. Here’s a quick sampling: “Shoot it Short and Funky” features 7 unique video camera apps. “Start a Summer Video Project” contains 9 apps for shooting & post-work. “Apps for Stage Actors” (also applies to film actors) has 10 excellent tools for a script reading, rehearsing, annotating, and blocking. And here’s another from the past: “From Script to Screen” contains features

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Rehearsal is every Actor’s new best friend

If you’ve seen me speak at industry events, then you already know I’m a big fan of Sotto Voce Film+Works’ Rehearsal, an app that gives actors an irrefutable reason to purchase an iPad (or an iPhone). At its core, Rehearsal is a script reading application designed specifically for actors who must memorize lines, or submit voice auditions via email. It works on iPhone, but really shines on iPad, since the screen is so much closer to the size of an actual script page. [UPDATE: Make sure to read the developer’s comment below. He makes some great points about the benefits

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