Xiaomi launches Xiaomi Studios to showcase mobile filmmakers

Xiaomi has just launched Xiaomi Studios. The new “Studio” will highlight an expanding selection of smartphone films in an effort to promote the brand and its mobile devices. Considering the incredible quality of today’s smartphone cameras, it’s a savvy and very cost-effective marketing move. And, even though it’s blatant advertising in the guise of an artistic undertaking, and even though it’s coming from a country whose politics and censorship practices are the subject of endless debate, I’m still happy to see a new high-profile forum that can help mobile filmmakers find their audience,

From the Xiaomi Studios official website:

“This is the reason we began Xiaomi Studios. Before, high-quality films could only be captured on professional gear, but now we can all capture beautiful videos with the Xiaomi phones in our pocket. Xiaomi Studios is both a platform for our talented ”Mi Creators” to show off their amazing creative films as well as a community for people around the world looking to unleash their creativity with their Xiaomi phones.

At the core of Xiaomi Studios are the Mi Creators: talented filmmakers from around the world who use Xiaomi products to express their creativity. As part of Xiaomi Studios, the Mi Creators won’t only be showing their amazing works with the world, they will also be sharing their unique stories of how they became interested in mobile filmmaking as well as share their knowledge and creative process with aspiring Mi Creators around the world.”


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