Day: October 19, 2011


WEDNESDAY SHOWCASE: iPhone 4S vs Canon 5D Mk II by Robino Films

It’s time for the HHH Wednesday Showcase BONUS ROUND! Robino Films has posted a side by side comparison of the iPhone 4S and the Canon 5D Mark II.  The Canon is a long-time favorite of indie filmmakers, and is often cited as being the camera that started the whole DSLR revolution. Now, I’d NEVER suggest ditching your 5D, but it is pretty damn impressive how well the iPhone 4S compares (under ideal circumstances). That said, if after watching this, you still feel compelled to toss your 5D, please let me know where you plan on tossing it.  I’ll be right

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WEDNESDAY SHOWCASE: iPhone 4S footage by Benjamin Dowie

This week, I thought I’d share some fantastic footage shot by Benjamin Dowie on his new iPhone 4S. Sure, the 4S is barely out of its diapers, but clearly filmmakers are already beginning to discover its enormous potential. Benjamin makes excellent use of the new phone’s 1080p, auto stabilization, and portably. He even managed to make the iPhone’s mechanical auto-focus look somewhat artistic! Good stuff! Thanks to the gang at AppAdvice.com for pointing out Benjamin’s video!

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