Day: April 1, 2014


iWorld 2014 – Emulsio Video Stablizer for iPhone & iPad

Does your video suffer from the shakes? Perhaps it needs a dose of Emulsio! Equally at home on iPhone or iPad, Emulsio is an impressive app that will stabilize unsteady footage, remove unwanted rolling-shutter artifacts (a.k.a. “jello-cam”), and make you the envy of millions (that last part is not guaranteed). Simply import a shaky video from your iThing’s camera roll, let the app analyze your clip’s motion, move a slider to control how much stabilization you want to apply (higher settings result in greater cropping), and then export the results back to your camera roll or distribute it via the

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iWorld 2014 – Grip and Shoot Bluetooth mount for iPhone

The Grip and Shoot is a re-imagined, Bluetooth enabled, mighty awesome pistol-grip for iPhone videographers. While I’ve seen dozens of iPhone handles meant to offer some much needed stabilization, the Grip and Shoot is the first such mount to bring something exciting to the table — wireless control. The handle features three well-positioned buttons that provide wireless control over your iPhone camera’s zoom and shutter functions! As a result, not only will your videos have smoother zooms, but your other hand can remain free for whatever else is required (Pointing a mic? Aiming a light? Holding back zombies?). For me,

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