Day: April 3, 2014


iWorld 2014 – My Cloud from Western Digital

It’s not often I’ll cover a hard drive on HHH. In fact, I think this is the first time. So what makes My Cloud unique? It’s a stand-alone personal “cloud” that can be used as remote storage for the videos you shoot in the field. What? Ok… let’s back up. If you’re shooting a ton of video on your iPhone or iPad, you’re eventually going to run out of storage space. What then? Well, if you’re close to home or have a laptop, you can sync your iThing to your computer and suck those videos right into your application of

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iWorld 2014 – The new GLIF iPhone Tripod Mount

Studio Neat, one of my favorite companies, was back at the expo this year showing off their newly revamped iPhone tripod mount, the GLIF ($30). Unlike previous versions that were designed to hold a specific iPhone model, the updated GLIF is adjustable, meaning it can hold just about any smartphone, with or without a cover. Most universal tripod mounts feature a spring-loaded clamp to hold your device in place. This means you can instantly swap out one smartphone for another — a nice benefit most mobile filmmakers will never need. The downside of this approach is that the clamp may

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