Audience attending a presentation at MojoFest with the screen reading "your smartphone: the most powerful filmmaking tool you own, enhanced by apps and accessories.

Apps & Accessories from my MojoFest Presentation

Thanks to everyone who came out for this year’s MojoFest in Galway, Ireland. It was an incredible event overflowing with talented, creative and friendly people from around the globe.

I know I tend to speak quickly while on stage (there’s a lot to cover!), so I thought I’d share a short list of the apps and accessories I mentioned during my presentation. Several of these links are for iPhone/iPad versions of apps, however many of the apps are also available in the Google Play store for Android. It’s worth a search if that’s your platform of choice!

Director’s Viewfinders

Osmo Mobile 2

Director’s Viewfinders

Artemis Pro Director’s Viewfinder
Artemis Prime
Mark II Director’s Viewfinder
Cadrage Director’s Viewfinder

Slate (aka “Clapper”)

Ikan Production Slate
Clapit Slate


Parrot 2 Teleprompter
Parrot Teleprompter App
PromptStart Pro
ProPrompter Studio
Video Teleprompter Premium


Blocker by Afternoon

A big shoutout to @TechforTravelUK for sharing this conference photo. Check then out on Twitter!


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