An iPad screen displaying a timer for a project, using Final Cut Pro X.

Cut Notes for iPad can now be used with Final Cut Pro X!

I dig Cut Notes ($7.99).  It’s an iPad app we’ve covered once or twice before.

In a nutshell, Cut Notes let’s you use your iPad to quickly create a list of edit notes that can be imported into Final Cut Pro 7 as timeline markers.

Making it all possible, is a conversion application for the Mac called Cut Notes Marker Importer.  The Mac app imports the file produced by Cut Notes, and then converts it into an XML file that can be read by Final Cut Pro 7.  And now, thanks to an update to the Marker Importer, your notes can now be brought into Final Cut Pro X. That’s big news for editors who’ve made the switch to Apple’s newest video editor.

Here’s how to do it (straight from the developer’s blog):

1. Click the Action button in Cut Notes and tap Email FCP Marker List.

  1. Email the marker list text file to yourself.
  2. Download the file on to your Final Cut Pro X system.
  3. With the project selected in the Project Browser of FCPX, go to File > Export XML and save an XML copy of your sequence.
  4. Launch Cut Notes Marker Import and open the marker list text file exported from Cut Notes.

6. Click Open Project and browse for the exported XML copy of the FCPX project.

  1. Click Send to Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro X will automatically open a duplicate of the existing project with the new markers added.

    ‎Cut Notes
    ‎Cut Notes
    Price: $14.99

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