A man in a suit is holding up an iPhone.

Streambox Live for iPhone is perfect for Mobile News Shooters

Don’t ask me for details about this one. I came across Streambox Live as I was running around, franticly looking for a convention center bathroom. That said, this app looks pretty nifty.

From what I can tell, Streambox is a well known content management system for news organizations.  It looked like they had servers, capture cards, wireless thingys, etc.  I saw lots of confusing diagrams that suggested their systems control the collection and distribution of video in a wide variety of ways.

As I was charging through their booth, I saw they were promoting new iPhone and Android apps for remove video collection. The apps tie-in nicely with their professional content management whatchamacalit doo-hickys.

But enough high-end tech talk…just watch the video for a better understanding (sort of).


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