Day: January 13, 2010


CES: Blue Updates the Mikey

Long time readers of HHH know that I’m a huge fan of Mikey, the external mic manufactured by Blue Microphones. It was even featured in one of our very first articles about performing ADR in the field. Well, Blue is back! And they brought a whole new Mikey with ’em. Here’s the short version: it looks goooood. They’ve added some great features, but I’ll let Blue’s William Merchan tell you about ’em.  Check out the video for all the details.

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CES: Tiffen’s Steadicam Smoothee

Pew! Pew! Not only does the new Steadicam Smoothee look like an imposing sci-fi weapon, but it also keeps your iPhone 3Gs nice ‘n’ steady while shooting video. I only had a moment to play with the Smoothee, but it was a good moment. The hardware felt VERY smooth. And from the looks of it, I’m guessing it’s aimed at higher-end customers.  No price info yet.  Stay tuned. Check out the video to hear more about the Smoothee, and see it in action! …you may even catch of glimpse of Elvis.

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CES: Quirky’s Beamer Shines a light on iPhone Videos

Think you can’t shoot iPhone video once the sun goes down? Think again! The Quirky Beamer is an iPhone case with a built-in LED light. So, when you need a little extra light, just hit the button! Poof! Instant light. Honestly, I had NO idea that Quirky was going to be exhibiting at CES this year. So, it was quite a treat finding them in isle 10,400,185. They say the Beamer is about 3 weeks away from shipping.  Hooray!  

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