Day: January 15, 2010


CES: Bandshell improves your iPhone’s Speaker

The Bandshell iPhone case aims to solve a long-standing problem — poor speaker performance. If you’ve ever tried watching a video in a somewhat noisy environment, you know that the iPhone’s odd speaker prevents good listening levels. When I show producers my directing work, I often have to cup my hand over the speaker to manually re-direct the sound towards their ears.  …and that’s exactly what the Bandshell case does.  A built-in, slide-out door re-directs sound towards the viewer.  Simple and effective. https://vimeo.com/8688195

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CES: MiLi Pico Projector for iPhone

The Mili Pico iPhone Projector (and iPhone charger) by Hali-Power scores big points for slick & sexy industrial design. There’s no doubt this gizmo is a head-turner, but unfortunately, it was difficult to see if the unit actually worked well while being demonstrated inside the Hali-Power booth. The Mili packs some nice controls, several inputs and an on-board speaker (something the previously mentioned Microvision SX lacks).  

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CES: Tiffen’s Photo FX & Cool FX Apps

Photo FX and Cool FX are a pair of potentially useful filter-emulation apps from Tiffen, one of the best known companies in the photographic filter business. Each of the two apps contains a variety of digital reproductions of existing, real-world filters. You can apply one, or more, and make various adjustments along the way. The apps only work with stills… not videos.  So, for now, they’re best used as previsualization tools — a way for directors and cinematographers to get a sense of what their final shots might look like. At least, that’s the theory….

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