The logo for Filmmaking Stuff, an app for all things related to filmmaking. gets its own App

Looks like our friends at have launched their very own FREE app!  It’s appropriately titled Jason Brubaker’s Filmmaking Stuff, and it looks pretty sweet.

Here’s a snippit from its App Store description:

This filmmaking app provides resources for independent filmmaker, including tips and tricks on how to take a story idea from script to screen, including scriptwriting, producing, finance, shooting, editing, directing, marketing, distribution and how to build an audience. The Filmmaking Stuff app also has articles detailing how to make money making movies – including interviews with Hollywood Producers, Directors, writers and other filmmaking professionals.

So, stop reading and go download it!  …and then come back.  We miss you.

This app is no longer in the App Store. Sad Face.


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Mid-20th century black and white photograph of two young boys, one writing on a desk and the other standing behind him, with overlaid text "O.P.N.

O.P.N. for APRIL 11th, 2019

Welcome to another edition of Other People’s News. Here are a few of the more interesting info-nuggets I’ve recently spotted around the web-o-sphere:

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Apple Highlights Filmmaking Apps

The iOS App Store’s “Today Tab” just got a lot more interesting! Apple has highlighted a small collection of high-quality apps for


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7 Responses

  1. I think it’s interesting that someone who has really never worked in the industry can profess expertise. Having been acquainted with Jason through mutual friends, his experience is a bit of a joke. He worked as a teacher’s assistant back East, then sold loans, worked for a software company and then onto real estate. He hasn’t really done anything yet tries to convince people he’s an expert.

    Anyone can go on the internet, grab bits of information and put them together…I guess they are all producers.

  2. Yes it’s true Jason Brubaker is not Frank Capra, or Steven Spielberg. But when I joined the swim team at age 6 I didn’t get all pissed off Mark Spitz wasn’t my coach. Pat Burke was my coach. She screamed at me and threw kick boards at my head. But she also was very encouraging and cared about all her little swimmers working hard and becoming better swimmers and people. Jason has been helping me personally develop my film and his feedback and support has been wonderful. He may not be a "big shot" in the industry yet, but it would be a shame if all the teachers and coaches out there in the world didn’t do what they do because they weren’t first a smashing success in their "industry". So I say find your support and encouragement where you can and just go out there and do it. God bless you Jason, for reaching down to the little guy and helping him believe that he can make a movie.

  3. Sounds like a case of sour grapes to me, Sara. Jason IS an expert. I worked with Jason on my documentary "Toxic Soup." Jason hooked me up with a Dreamworks animator who did animation for the documentary. Jason was also a great source of marketing and distribution ideas. His website is full of interviews with badass people like Charlie Day from "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" as well as Richard Abramowitz of Abramorama Films, an independent film distributing juggernaut. Jason even got Richard to watch "Toxic Soup" and he arranged a phone call with Abramowitz for me. So if people of that caliber are willing to listen to Jason Brubaker, he must know something!

  4. Expert: a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.

    I think it’s interesting that someone who claims to be acquainted with Brubaker through mutual friends would choose to jeopardize those friendships by shit talking in an effort to sabotage him. Curiously missing, "Sara", were your qualifications in the film industry that would garner any validity to your suggestion that his expertise is lacking. I’m an expert actor with lots of experience but I’ve never starred in any movies you’ve heard of. If I choose to market that experience, are you going to google my name and make it your mission to tell the world I’m not a real actor because I’ve made my living in comic books? Pathetic.

  5. Anyone can go on the internet, grab bits of information and put them together…I guess they are all Ebert and Roeper. <– See what I did there? Clever, I know.

  6. He’s got more credits on his IMDB page than a lot of people who’ve tried to sell me movie-related how-to stuff. Hell, most professors at film school have fewer credits than this guy. Not really my cup of tea, but after many years in Hollywood, I’ve learned to judge people on the strength of their abilities. Either this dude’s material works for you or it doesn’t.

  7. Jason knows his stuff because he has made movies. He has been involved in and around the industry for years. Sure he isn’t a big shot producer in the mold of Scott Rudin or Brian Grazer, though I’m sure he personally aims for that, but the passion and energy is there and frankly you can’t ignore that. Jason has not only dedicated his time to learning and immersing himself in the mechanics of the industry, but he’s been involved with the production of films which is a lot more than many people who claim to be "filmmakers" can say. Lot of people can talk a good game, but Jason has actually done it.