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Green Screen Movie FX Comes to the iPhone

App Advice has a write-up on an interesting app from epocfield called Green Screen Movie FX. Can you guess what it does? No? Perhaps they should have named it something more descriptive, like “This is an app that lets you accomplish green screen FX on an iPhone like the one you’re now looking at right now.

Green Screen Movie FX has an easy to use interface and only costs a couple of bucks. It allows users to composite and record LIVE video over existing video. Some nice backgrounds are provided with the app, but the real power is being able to use your own footage for the background.

Once you’ve finished your composite, you can easily share it in a number of ways.  Good stuff!

Check out this video of the app in action:


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9 Responses

  1. Hi Taz,

    I’m the author of the app, Just wanted to point it uses live viewfinder not STILL images for the foreground the chroma key is replaced by a video in the background either from the 13 inbuilt or one your drop in iTunes / iPhone Gallery.



  2. wow! i’ve been looking for a chromakey application. i found a few others in the store, but this looks much better. does it work with ipad?

  3. Hi JennyCam,

    The app’s description in the App Store lists iPad as a compatible device. But it’s not a universal app, so it isn’t designed specifically for the iPad. Like all non-universal iPhone apps running on an iPad, it will appear smaller on the iPad screen. I’m guessing it works well with the iPad 2’s camera, but I’m not certain. If Graham is still around, perhaps he can confirm?


    P.S. No prob, BlueGun! :)

  4. Hi,

    I haven’t got an iPad 2 but at least one of the reviews posted on iTunes says it works.

    So it ‘should’ work :) , plus iiPad 2 is dual core so if you play with the quality settings you may get better results than on iPhone4.

  5. Love it, just tried it. I had a similar question about iPad2 , as I was seeing slower playback when I upped the chromakey points on my iPhone. I’ll have to try it out.
    I would like to see a way to delete background videos. The list can get a little long.

  6. The extra chroma points do slow down the capture FPS, you can go back to one by selection ‘best fps’ in the options.

    It works really well on iPad 2 seems about twice as fast.

    A new update is coming in which you can delete imported videos.



  7. Hi Dan, It’d be amazing to see what it’s like in a real green screen environment.

    The videos the app uses are really quite low resolution 480×360. It’s limited by the amount of processing that’s required to apply the effect per pixel , per frame.

    I Was thinking of an upgrade in the future to do offline chroma key as well which could obviously do 720p @30fps.