At MacWorld '11, a man is standing in front of a booth with a Defender Backpack.

MacWorld ’11: Hands-Free iPad access with Defender Backpack

Assero Industries’ Defender Backpack seems tailor-made for assistant directors, unit production managers and production coordinators who must always have their iPads accessible, but would rather keep both hands free. It’s a 4-in-1 pack that provides multiple ways to tote your digital companion — the most obvious being as a backpack.

What sets this puppy apart is how it functions when worn on your chest. A front compartment folds down in front of you, like a portable table, proving stable access to your safely mounted iPad’s touch-screen surface. You no longer need to hold the iPad while using it — it just floats in front of you when needed, and folds away the rest of the time. Very handy.

Honestly, you might look a little odd with the Defender strapped to your chest, but hopefully, you’ll be too productive to notice.


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