An iPhone with a Daylight Viewfinder attached.

MacWorld / iWorld 2013: Daylight Viewfinder for iPhone & iPad

In keeping with today’s theme of accessories that help you see your screen better, I’d like to RE-introduce you to the Daylight Viewfinder for iPhone and iPad. This portable eyepiece sticks to the surface of your device like a suction cup, and helps you shoot videos without any annoying screen glare. To make this magic happen, the viewfinder is paired with a free Daylight Viewfinder app.

I first covered this gizmo back when it was the focus of a Kickstart fundraising campaign. Although the campaign failed to reach its funding goal, the project moved forward regardless and has resulted in a shipping product — $29.95 on the developer’s website.

Check out this new demo I shot at MacWorld:



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Man presenting on stage with a microphone and a projection screen in the background, focusing on Mobile Filmmaking.

Video: The HHH Mobile Filmmaking presentation at LACPUG

Just in case you missed my Mobile Filmmaking presentation at the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group back in July, here’s a (low angle) video of the whole enchilada! It’s PACKED with apps and accessories you need to know! Check it out! And as always, if you dig it, share it!

Smartphone mounted on a tripod using a New GLIF clamp holder for stability.

The New GLIF tripod mount looks awesome!

UPDATE – MAY 30, 2017: Having successfully wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign, the GLIF is now available for purchase directly from the Studio Neat website! The GLIF will run you $28, while the full set with hand grip and wrist strap will set you back $55. The GLIF, one of the first iPhone camera accessories is still one of the best. And it’s about to get even better! Just in case you’ve been avoiding every article ever written about mobile filmmaking, the GLIF is a pocket-sized tripod mount for your iPhone.


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