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O.P.N. for June 7th, 2013

Today’s Other People’s News is more of a catch-up session than anything else. I’ve been offline for a while (working and then revamping the site), so I’ve fallen behind on a few stories. You may already know about this stuff, but just in case…

  • Mashable reported on the Pocket Tripod a new portable iPhone “tripod” on Kickstarter that folds down to the size of a credit card. While it’s more suited to watching content than shooting it, I imagine it coming in handy.
  • CheezyCam featured a pair of YouTube reviews of the Rode SmartLav, a lavaliere microphone that plugs directly into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch ($60 on Amazon). Seems like a good solution for recording dual system sound to be synced up later (using something like PluralEyes 3)
  • iPhoneography reviewed the new Clip-On Polarizing Filter  for iPhone ($20). While the article focuses on the filter’s use in still photography, it’s always a wise idea to have one on hand when shooting video. They help to cut down on reflections while improving color contrast.
  • Glen Mulcahy discussed olloclip’s new camera app on his outstanding VJ Technology Blog. The free app (also called olloclip) lets users remove lens distortion introduced by the lens clip.
  • In other olloclip news: iLounge took a close look at olloclip’s new Quick-Flip case. You may remember this case from our MacWorld 2013 report. The iLounge piece provides some of the best product shots I’ve seen so far.
  • Smart Movie Making covered the new Philips PicoPix PPX 3610 Pocket projector. It’s s snazzy little pico that claims a projection size of up to 120 inches. Hmmmm…. if that’s true, I want one. If if that’s an exaggeration, I’ll put it on the pile of other big-talking-under-delivering pico projectors.
  • Cult of Mac describes the HitCase, a rugged iPhone camera case with a wide angle lens, and a few new accessories, including a roll bar attachment. While the mac cultists don’t seem to keen on mounting their iPhones in precarious locations, the HitCase does look like a good bit of protection.

and finally…

  • Bloomberg ran a story about Haunting Melissa, a horror movie that’s being distributed as multiple episodes via a dedicated iPhone/iPad app. The app is free, as is some of the content, but others will cost you. This is another innovative example of how the App Store is disrupting the traditional film distribution model. If this sort of thing interests you, I cover a few other iOS distribution options in my book.

So, what did I miss? Let me know in the comments!


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Man presenting on stage with a microphone and a projection screen in the background, focusing on Mobile Filmmaking.

Video: The HHH Mobile Filmmaking presentation at LACPUG

Just in case you missed my Mobile Filmmaking presentation at the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group back in July, here’s a (low angle) video of the whole enchilada! It’s PACKED with apps and accessories you need to know! Check it out! And as always, if you dig it, share it!

Smartphone mounted on a tripod using a New GLIF clamp holder for stability.

The New GLIF tripod mount looks awesome!

UPDATE – MAY 30, 2017: Having successfully wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign, the GLIF is now available for purchase directly from the Studio Neat website! The GLIF will run you $28, while the full set with hand grip and wrist strap will set you back $55. The GLIF, one of the first iPhone camera accessories is still one of the best. And it’s about to get even better! Just in case you’ve been avoiding every article ever written about mobile filmmaking, the GLIF is a pocket-sized tripod mount for your iPhone.


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