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Do-It-Yourself OWLE Bubo Neck Strap

Last week, HHH reviewed the OWLE Bubo, a new iPhone camera grip. Shortly after, an HHH reader asked if the OWLE came with a neck-strap. I’m guessing that once the Bubo takes off, there will be an abundance of accessories. But until then, I present the “Do-it-yourself, incredibly-easy, down-and-dirty, dirt-cheap OWLE Bubo Neck-strap.” I took a trip to the local hardware store, and picked up a couple 1/4″ x 2.5″ Eye Bolts. They’re a bit long for my taste, but the store was out of the 1/4″ x 1″ bolts I wanted. I screwed the bolts into the holes on

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OWLE may be the coolest camera grip ever

Yup. The brand new OWLE Bubo might be the coolest camera grip ever… but not for the reasons you would think. A couple weeks ago, we received one of the first units off the production line. Since then, we’ve been putting it through its paces… and we’ve got the video to prove it.

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DV EXPO: Zacuto ZGrip

Shooting video with the iPhone 3Gs typically yields some pretty shaky results. That’s why you might want to consider adding an iPhone grip to your equipment list. There are two grips that have crossed my radar in recent days: The OWLe (which is just now entering production), and Zacuto’s ZGrip. Fortunately, Zacuto had a booth at the expo, so I was able to get my hands on the ZGrip Jr. and Pro. They both felt solid, and very well made. Both improved the stability of my shots, though not by an enormous amount (it’s still an iPhone, after all).

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