Close-up of a camera lens with a reflection of an owl's face, featuring the coolest camera grip.

OWLE may be the coolest camera grip ever

Yup. The brand new OWLE Bubo might be the coolest camera grip ever… but not for the reasons you would think. A couple weeks ago, we received one of the first units off the production line. Since then, we’ve been putting it through its paces… and we’ve got the video to prove it.

If all that wasn’t enough, the guys at OWLE just posted a YouTube video of their latest setup. They’ve managed to get a telephoto lens on the OWLE (complete with some Depth of Field softness), and an external condenser mic into the 30pin adaptor.  Neat! UPDATE: Their video has been removed… and now, so has the Owle. Bummer.


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Man presenting on stage with a microphone and a projection screen in the background, focusing on Mobile Filmmaking.

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Just in case you missed my Mobile Filmmaking presentation at the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group back in July, here’s a (low angle) video of the whole enchilada! It’s PACKED with apps and accessories you need to know! Check it out! And as always, if you dig it, share it!

Smartphone mounted on a tripod using a New GLIF clamp holder for stability.

The New GLIF tripod mount looks awesome!

UPDATE – MAY 30, 2017: Having successfully wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign, the GLIF is now available for purchase directly from the Studio Neat website! The GLIF will run you $28, while the full set with hand grip and wrist strap will set you back $55. The GLIF, one of the first iPhone camera accessories is still one of the best. And it’s about to get even better! Just in case you’ve been avoiding every article ever written about mobile filmmaking, the GLIF is a pocket-sized tripod mount for your iPhone.


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17 Responses

  1. Looks like something a reporter on Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica would be holding. In a good way.

  2. whoa. HHH brings us another cool product… and i’m so totally gonna do the monopod-as-boom-out-the-car-shot.

  3. Jerry,

    Don’t do it! (do it.)


    P.S. If you do it, which you shouldn’t, I recommend driving 3 miles an hour next to a row of fluffy pillows. You know… just in case.

  4. I’ve already ordered mine but I’d like to see your review— but I can’t since I’m reading this page on my iPhone.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi KB,

    You can see the review (or any video on HHH) on your iPhone by clicking the "Play iPhone Friendly Version" button.

    Glad you’re enjoying the site. Have fun with your Owle! And let us know what you think.


  6. Thanks, Taz. Missed that link.

    Question: did you do any post adjustments to the video you shot with your iPhone? It looks amazing.

  7. Hey KB,

    Nope… now adjustments. I went from iPhone to Vimeo (and youtube). I think the wide angle lens really helps. :)


  8. One cool upside is the increased light gathering that the wide angle lens should give you on the iphone.

  9. Two Words for the future:

    Interchangeable lenses.

    Make a standard Video camera sized mini mount thread and it could me amacro lens, a zoom lens, a fisheye lens, or even provide the ability to get some form of manual focus functionality to make use of a funky DOF with a macro lens, or something along those lines. Genius all the same.

  10. Hi Jon,

    I totally agree! The OWLE guys have been experimenting with other lenses, so they must agree as well. :)


  11. Most excellent. With a frame like the Owle, there’s no end to what you can bolt on.

    A big drawback I see is the color fringing. I’m not sure if they’ve simply used inferior optics for the tele, or if it’s the iPhone that’s the problem. To my eye, it looks like an optics issue (solvable, as opposed to an iPhone problem that can’t be altered).

    Your thoughts?

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for a great review, I’m definitely getting one of these..

    When it’s in the OWLE, is it still possible to add a connection from an external battery pack? For extended shooting..

    Thanks again

  13. Adding an external battery should not be a problem as long as you get one that connects via a 30-pin connector cable. You can’t use an battery case (like the Power Slider from Encase) since it would not fit in the Bubo. But something like the Hypermac Nano Battery might work nicely… but it will add extra weight, and you’ll likely want to attach it to the Bubo, so it’s not hanging off to the side.

    Also, make sure you get the Bubo that’s compatible with your phone. The new iPhone 4 has a slightly different shape, and won’t work with older microphones. Best thing to do is contact them via their website.

  14. I love the owle bubo. What I think is that even for geeks (Like me) it’s a little difficult to find diferent lenses online.
    If you know lenses or the rings that convert the screw on the owle let me know. I’ve been looking for this info and havent found it.