Promotional image for "gasoline and matches" featuring a robot holding a match with the names leann rimes and rob thomas.

WEDNESDAY SHOWCASE: LeAnn Rimes music video shot on iPhone

Naturally, when music video director Ian Padgham was enlisted to shoot a memorable video for megastar LeAnn Rimes, he chose the very best video camera for the job – an iPhone.

Wait. What?

Yup! The new stop-motion music video for Gasoline and Matches was shot entirely on an iPhone 5S. Did Padgham use a top-notch camera app like FiLMiC Pro? Nope. He used Vine. Yes, THAT Vine.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Padgham used a pair of iPhones to collect the 8,000 images required to complete the video. And according to The Loop, another iPhone was used to playback the song while shooting.

I imagine the raw footage was edited and composited on a desktop system, but this video certainly serves as another reminder that in the right hands (such as Padgham’s), even an iPhone can capture brilliance.

Big thanks to the always awesome Ken Ray for putting this story on my radar.

‎FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera
‎FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera
Developer: FiLMiC Inc
Price: $14.99+

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