Welcome to Hand Held Hollywood 3.0!

Because the site is rapidly approaching its 4th anniversary, I decided it was time to give the code a much-needed overhaul. Just adding a little chrome siding wasn’t going to cut it this time.

When considering the new design, I thought about all the sites I enjoy reading most. I’m not talking about content — I’m just talking about the experience of reading. Most of the sites I enjoy reading are clean, simple, and generous with space. They feel lightweight. By comparison, the old HHH design felt bloated and heavy, and never looked ideal on iPhones and iPads. So, I put the site on a major diet. Hooray!

The updated site also features a brand-spankin-new Filmmaker’s App Directory that finally allows app filtering! You can now limit your app search to specific devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.), filmmaking tasks (screenwriting, storyboarding, shooting, editing, etc.), and special criteria (HHH recommended apps, apps featured in the HHH book, etc.). This will make it much easier to find just the apps you need.

While I was fiddling, I was able to speed things up a bit. Pages still take a moment to load, but overall, things are much improved. I’ll keep working on that. I squashed all the bugs I could find (there’s always a few with a new design), but if you find something bugtastic or typorific, please let me know.

There’s one last benefit to the new design — my sanity. This new setup requires less back-end maintenance, and makes it easier for me to post smaller stories more often (a little more tumblresque).

I hope you dig the slimmed-down look and spiffy new directory. If you do, please take a moment and share this site with your friends. I would truly appreciate it.

Go make a movie!



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