Apps and Accessories from our SuperMeet Presentation

BIG thanks to everyone who came to last Friday’s SuperMeet! It was an amazing day. We met all sorts of great people coming to the HHH Showcase table. And, I had a TOTAL BLAST on stage during the main event. If you were a part of that audience, thanks for making it easy. You were awesome!

If you tried watching the live feed, then you know that they were having some technical issues during my presentation. I was the victim of bad timing. There was no video for most of it, and the end got clipped off. LAME. But, I believe there was another crew shooting the entire event. As soon as that video gets posted online, I’ll let you know where to find it.

Since the show, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for additional info on the apps and accessories I presented. So, here’s a list of everything I talked about.


OWLE BUBO – The grip that adds stability and functionality to your iPhone 3Gs, letting you take significantly better video. Watch our full review, or visit the OWLE website.

PROPROMPTER WING – A small camera mount that helps turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a low cost Teleprompter.  Watch our full review, visit the Bodelin website, or find it on Amazon.

PROPROMPTER PROMAG – The Wing’s big brother that allows for professional, through-the-lens teleprompting. The just announced a new version for the iPad. Look for our full review coming soon. In the meantime, visit the Bodelin website or find it on Amazon.

FSTOP WIRELESS RECEIVER – Remotely control your camera’s lens with this incredible combo of hardware and iPhone/iPod Touch software.  Even control more than one camera at once.  Visit the PLC Electronic Solutions website. A special thanks to Jay Holben for letting me know about this one.


CINEMEK STORYBOARD COMPOSER – Compose fully animated storyboards right on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Simply amazing. Watch our interview with the app’s creator, find it in the App Store, or visit Cinemek’s website.

ARTEMIS DIRECTOR’S VIEWFINDER – Turns your iPhone 3Gs into an incredibly powerful director’s viewfinder, complete with a wide variety of formats, cameras and lenses. Watch our interview with the app’s creators, find it in the App Store, or visit Chemical Wedding’s website.

MOVIESLATE – Our favoriate clapboard app that lets you log your shots for easy import into Final Cut Pro. The new version has added a very cool Music Video feature.  Read our clapboard comparison, find MovieSlate in the App Store, or visit PureBlend Software’s website.

REELDIRECTOR – Let’s you edit video on your iPhone. Let’s you trim, re-arrange, add transitions, titles, and audio. It even creates Ken-Burns-ish slideshows from your photos. Read our full review, find it in the App Store, or visit Nexvio’s website.

PROPROMPTER – This is the teleprompting app I showed alongside the ProPrompter Wing early in my presentation.  The new version allows you to wirelessly control the playback speed with a second iPhone or iPod Touch! Awesome! Read our Teleprompter App comparison, find it in the App Store, or visit Bodelin’s website.

SCREENPLAY – Let’s you write a script right on your iPhone.  Better yet, the app can import and export documents from Final Draft 8! Read about it on HHH, view it in the App Store, or visit the BlackMana website.

iKEYSTOGO: FINAL CUT PRO – A complete guide to all of Final Cut’s commands and shortcuts. A great reference for FCP editors. Watch our interview with the developer, find it in the App Store, or visit

MOVIOLA PRO VIDEO GUIDE – A complete reference guide for the digital media maker. It’s a great source of technical info. Read about it on HHH, find it in the App Store, or visit the Moviola website.

BABY NAMES PLUS – A great tool for writers looking for a character name reference. Let’s you search by multiple criteria, and even shows you the most popular names for any given year.  Read about it on HHH, find it on the App Store, or visit the Schatzisoft website.

RUNPEE MOBILE – Tells you when it’s safe to go to the bathroom when your out at the movies. ‘Nuff said. Find it in the App Store, or visit the Rock Software’s website.

And don’t forget to check out the HHH Directory for a ton of other apps and accessories. 


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  1. Taz, you are an amazing speaker! I loved your presentation. Thank you so much for coming to San Franciso. All my friends agree, you were the highlight of the supermeet!

  2. Have downloaded a couple of your apps, and am waiting for the Script Supervisor’s app to be available. From what I gather, it was supposed to be available in March. Would love to know when I can get this app so I can start practicing with it for a television show I’m on. Does anyone know anything?