Check out the latest Dv expo 09 showcasing the newest helos and artemis Director's viewfinder.

artemis Director’s viewfinder hits 2.0

Chemical Wedding has just released a significant update to its criminally awesome iPhone app, Artemis Director’s Viewfinder.

Version 2 brings additional formats including RED One 4k 2:1 Ana, Canon 5D Mk II and the Canon 7D. Additionally, it can now simulate wider angle lenses in full screen mode. That’s great news!  And, in my opinion, this version has a much prettier interface.

If you’re not familiar with Artemis, or just want to learn more about director’s viewfinders in general, check out this interview we posted last month. It was shot at the DV Expo, just prior to the release of version 1, and includes some info about their other app, Helios.


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8 Responses

  1. I had a few crashes when I first started playing around with the new version. I think it all cleared up after I added a few additional lenses to my set, and then pulled them back out. I guess it just needed a little refresh. Works great now.

    I emailed the developer this morning, just to see if they’ve heard any problems. They’re aware of a minor bug that just surfaced (shouldn’t effect most users), and are already working on the fix. I really like the guys at Chemical Wedding. Their products are well thought out, and they listen to their users.

    Anyone else using the update yet? What are your experiences?

  2. Artemis 2.1 has just been released. It squashes a few of the bugs introduced in version 2.

  3. So, how does this work anyway? Does it work on 3GS only, or is it for older generation iDevices too? Does it require you to take photo and then superimposes the frames on top of that or does it paint it live? I can’t seem to find any video demonstration on youtube, vimeo or even the developer’s website.

    Thanks for any info!

  4. Hi Jiri,

    Artemis works on ANY iPhone model running iPhone OS 3.1. It won’t work on the iPod Touch since it has no camera (yet).

    It’s a live camera, with live superimposed framing guides (based on lens sizes you specify). In addition to the normal view, you can choose to fill the screen with any of the saved lens sizes (also a live image). It does not work with photos.

    Hope that helps!


    P.S. I searched around on YouTube. I’m amazed no one has posted a video demo. If time permits, I’ll try and whip one up.

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