Can you squeeze Apple’s new iPhone into your Owle Bubo?

That sounded dirty.

We’ve discussed the Owle Bubo many times on HHH, and we still think it’s the hippest accessory around. It smooths out your iPhone 3GS footage, adds a wide angle lens, comes with a directional microphone, offers plenty of expansion possibilities, and looks cool as hell.

The iPhone 3GS slipped right into the Bubo’s custom carved slot, like a hand in a glove. But now, Apple has announced the iPhone 4. It features sharper angles, and a thinner body. Will its modified form-factor still fit properly in our existing Owle Bubos?

I’ve been asked that question over and over again.  So, I decided to go straight to the source for an answer.  I spoke with Harold Smith, one of the Owle’s inventors.  Turns out, he’s been getting bombarded by the same question.  So, will it work?  Here’s what he had to say:

We’re actually very confident it will work but can’t make any official announcements until we’ve got a test unit in our hands. If for some reason it doesn’t work, we won’t sleep until we are pumping out ones that do!

Based on the announced specs, Harold believes it will work. That’s good news if you’ve already taken the plunge and purchased an Owle. Naturally, he’s not making any guarantees just yet.  I plan on getting the iPhone 4 the second it’s released, so I’ll be posting my own results soon after.

Happy Shooting!


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11 Responses

  1. The reason I didn’t get an Owle is because I was assuming there’d be a new phone in June. I disn want to buy something that would last me only a couple months. Looks like either way I’ll be able to get one now for the iPhone 4! Can’t wait.

  2. Well, one good thing about the dimensions of the iPhone 4 is that it is small than the previous generations and not larger. Also, given the fact that the Owle is designed to be used with a flexible "skin" case around the phone, it might be as simple as modifying the amount of excess material in the sleve to give just the right fit. Whatever the resolve, I will surely seek out a solution like the Bubo or the smoothy cam, mod.

  3. Does any site have a demo video of how the OWLE works? Not video shot with it, but a demo of how to mount and connect the iPhone, how to hold it, how to use it, how to attach accessories, etc. Basically a how-to use it and how it improves your shooting.

    I looked on the OWLE website, but couldn’t find such a video. Thanks.

  4. Nevermind. :) I just found HHH’s review from last July. Exactly what I was looking for!!

    So…. I guess you WONT be able to use the iPhone 4’s LED camera light with this thing. (based on what I can tell of how it’s built and where it does and doesn’t have holes)

  5. YodaMac,

    Glad you found that Vid. I was about to point you to it. And you’re absolutely right… the current Owle doesn’t allow for the LED light on the iPhone 4. The Owle guys are pretty industrious. I’m guessing they’ll have a modified model soon. But, in the meantime, the Owle works GREAT with LitePanels. :)


  6. My experience with the iPhone 4 and current BUBO is mixed. The rubber case and mic that come in the box with the BUBO definitely do NOT work with the iPhone 4. Third party cases can work, and the Rocketfish RF-WR1001 which is available from Bestbuy does work ok but is not perfect. I enlarged the lens hole so that there is no possibility of interference. I have yet to find a good solution for the mic issue however.

  7. Hi Chuck,

    I’ve been using the 3G rubber case that originally came with the bubo on my iPhone 4. It’s hardly a perfect fit (and not quite as reliable), but it’s worked fine so far. Like you, I cut a hole in the case, widening the area around the lens. It’s not the ideal solution, but it’s the best I’ve got so far.

    I know the OWLE guys are getting bombarded with iPhone 4 questions. So, I’m sure they’re working on a few revisions. ‘m curious to see if they can somehow re-route the built-in light. That would be a neat trick!


  8. I have emailed the OwlE guys AND the folks at Vericorder (who make the Bubo’s mic). BOTH say they are working on engineering adaptations to work with the iPhone 4. HURRY guys!

  9. Love to see posts like this the Owle is one of the radest accessories on the market for the Iphone and now we’re happy to announce the Iphone 4 version is now in production. we tested the full version last week at XGames 16 in LA and needless to say we amazed our selves with just how great the Owle and the iphone 4 pair up. The biggest question we’re hearing is what’s new with for the Iphone 4? At Owle we aim to building the best product possible thats why we’ve updated the lens, added colors, & designed an amazing case to fit the iphone perfectly. We’re also offering a mic adaptor to use with any high end mic that your heart desires. The 4’s internal mic schools pretty much any mic we can offer which says a ton for apples r&d on the new 4. What does that mean for the Iphone 4 users? less to tote around & better sound quality. what more can we ask for? We’ve tested everything and needless to say this is our best Owle yet! as for the flash the Owle for Iphone 4 will not allow the use of flash as the flash is directly next to the camera… meaning it would have to shoot through the lens. We offer a cheap solution which is a top mount LED light much better than a harsh flash. for more info stay tuned to http://www.wantowle.com

    shot and edited on the iphone4 with the new Owle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj3Uhap0CbA

  10. Tony,

    When can we anticipate being able to purchase the new model for the iPhone 4? I m getting anxious…

  11. ITS HERE! and for you guys for being so patient we’re giving you a huge discount. Our new site is ALMLIVE.COM. There is a content page and then a link to the store where you can pick up your new Iphone 4 Owle and use this nifty coupon code to save you some big bucks!

    Code: handheld good for $25.00 Off

    All the best,
    Tony Levesque
    Owle Bubo

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