Smartphone with clapperboard graphic displaying "hhh" for hand held hollywood, referencing DV EXPO '09 and Helios & Artemis.

DV EXPO: Helios & Artemis

Nic Sadler and Toby Evetts of Chemical Wedding are already quite well know because of their amazing iPhone sun position calculator, Helios. I’m planning on covering the app very soon… but it may have to wait a bit. Why? Because these guys are about to release what may be one the niftiest filmmaking apps yet. It’s called Artemis (the Director’s Viewfinder). I’ll let them explain. It’s currently under review at Apple, and should be hitting the app store in a week or two.

If you don’t know what a director’s viewfinder is, keep watching until the end of the video. I’ll do my best to explain what they’re all about.

Once again, sorry about the sub-par audio. It was mighty loud in there.


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7 Responses

  1. I can’t wait for Artemis. As a graduate, I need an application like this to help with a production i hope to start soon.

  2. Hi Slucko,

    Artemis has already been submitted to Apple and is awaiting approval. Hopefully, it will be available within a week or two. We’ve VERY excited about this one. On a side note… Chemical Wedding, the makers of Helios and Artemis, just released Cyclopedia. It’s an augmented reality app. Not necessarily for filmmakers, but still pretty nifty.


  3. The viewfiner app (and some of the others reviewed on this site) is interesting enough to almost me crave an iPhone. In trying to watch the video, however, I was frustrated by the stalling and decided that I didn’t want/need to see it all.

    I understand YouTube has "reach" and can be great for getting seen, and hey it’s free! Have any marketers creating important marketing video like this ever considered just posting a downloadable video that can then be really watched? You didn’t need YouTube to get this product in front of me and nor did I. I first learned about this product via a link I first found on

    You know, it’s not that expensive to host a few minutes of video. In this case Youtube has been detrimental to my overall perception of the product and marketer.

  4. Hi WSmith,

    Sorry to hear you’re having troubles. All the videos on the site are hosting on Vimeo, specifically to avoid any advertisements, and to maintain the best picture quality possible. The YouTube links are provided as a way for iPhone owners to watch the videos on the go. So, unless you’re watching on your iPhone, I’d strongly advise only watching on Vimeo.


  5. Hi Taz, I actually was watching the vimeo version but since I saw the Youtube icon at bottom left of the scree, I auto-assumed it was an embedded Youtube video.

  6. Hi!

    After seeing the new OWLE Bubo grip and it’s new angualr lense, i wonder if ARTEMIS, will benefit from it so can extend it coverage to 18 mm & 14 mm lenses.

    Terrific aplication.

    Best regards