Introducing the GLIF iPhone Tripod Mount

Looking for an easy and elegant way to mount your iPhone 4 on a tripod? Of course you are!  Sure, there’s a few awesome iPhone camera grips out there, but most offer tripod connectivity as a secondary feature.  So, what’s a filmmaker to do?  Get a GLIF!

GLIF is a new iPhone tripod mount (iPhone 4 only) that doubles as a handy-dandy table-top stand.  It’s small, sleek, and coming very soon.  But, as cool as this accessory may be, the story of its creation is even cooler!

The GLIF’s designers, Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost, decided to seek public funding by posting their idea on Kickstarter.com — a site that helps independent projects raise cash.

They sweetened the deal by offering rewards to prospective investors.  If you pledged $5, your name would be listed as a contributor on the Glif website.  If you pledged $20 or more, you would be mailed your very own Glif as soon they were manufactured.  If you pledged $50 or more, now only would you get a new Glif, but you’d also get a 3D printed prototype Glif ahead of the official release!  How cool is that?!

But that’s not even the most amazing part…

They set out to raise $10,000 in capital.  And as of today, they have raised… wait for it… $123,251! Yes, you read that correctly.  Media makers, just like you and me, have already given these guys way more than dough they needed to get their vision up and running.  If that’s not a testament to the future of mobile filmmaking, I don’t know what is!

You can still surf over to their fund raising page anytime before November 2nd (9:45pm Eastern) and pledge your own green.  Clearly, they don’t need more money to launch the Glif, but as an investor, you’ll still get the benefits I mentioned earlier.

To keep all their investors up to date, Tom and Dan have been releasing update videos.  It’s very clear these guys appreciate all the support they’ve received.  And they know the pressure is on.

Naturally, I ordered one, and I’ll give you a demo as soon as it arrives.

Gooooooooo GLIF!


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4 Responses

  1. Yeah I supported them as well, but I’m sort of regretting it now. Love the sleek and simple design and all, but just bummed that it ONLY fits the iPhone4 (and ONLY a "naked" one)

    Guess I’d rather have a tripod mount that would work with a variety of iPhones since Apple keeps changing the case shape, etc. I fashioned my own mount from a former iPod car holder that softly clamps. I can use that with any size phone with a camera, so it works with all my iPhone models.

    Still looking forward to receiving the Glif though to try it out.

  2. Hi Brad, It looks like you’ve got an interesting product over there. It lacks the GLIF’s small size, and desktop-stand functionality, but it is HALF the price, and possibly more secure. If you feel like sending one over for review, please drop me a line (on the contact page). -Taz

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