An iPad with a light attached to it, perfect for movie-making with the Movie Mount accessory.

Makayama Movie Mount for iPad 2

Any filmmaker who owns an iPad 2 has, like myself, probably wanted to use that built in 720p camera more than they have. But the biggest problem with the thing is that it’s incredibly awkward to use. Unlike shooting video with the iPhone 4, the iPad 2 requires use of both hands, doesn’t respond well in low light, and has sub-par audio recording at best. Well, things are about to change.

Makayama has introduced the Movie Mount for iPad 2, an innovative camera mount which adds 10 new features onto your iPad 2:

  • Attach a tripod for stable shots, pan & tilt camera movements. Standard screwfitting.
  • Use 37 mm conversion lenses, such as wide angle and zoom*.
  • Slide on-the-fly between the built-in lens and the conversion lens.
  • Use shotgun microphones for better sound (requires splitter cable).
  • Use an optical viewfinder to shoot in bright sunlight.
  • Use a video light for better performance in low light.
  • Easier iMovie editing, with a 9 degrees working angle.
  • The mount allows your iPad to stand upright and be used as monitor.
  • The free Movie Mount iPad app allows you to manually control video recording
  • Fully compatible with Smart Cover.

The mount is currently available for Pre-Order at $69.95 US / 49.95 EUR from their site, and only includes the case (Lenses, tripod, microphone, lights etc. are not included with the purchase). They do however offer a complementary iPad app for free in the iTunes store!

Here’s a quick demo video that the folks at Makayama put together for the mount:

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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4 Responses

  1. Purchased one and very disapointed. For $60 USD I expected way mor. The thing feels really cheap and breakable. I expected ruberized plastic for this kind of money. The slot for the wide angle lens is wide enough to accept a lens I tried 2 sony lens’ and would not fit. The iPad on off switch is covered so you have to remove the cover to access the on off button. The hot shoe feel cheap like it will break if a shot gun mic is bumped. Great idea very poorly executed and way way over priced.

  2. I would like to echo the above comments. I tried a Sony lens and the lens that came with my Owle Bubo and slot isn’t wide enough for either of them. I’ve contacted support asking for information on what specific lenses will work.

  3. FYI – Support’s reply to me asking what lenses would work…

    Dear Customer,

    We have tested with :

    Cokin 2x zoomlens

    HAMA 0.5x wide-angle

    Polaroid 3,5x zoom lens

    They all fit, however the Polaroid has strong vignetting

    Having said that, I would strongly advise you to go to you local photo/video
    store and try a couple of different lenses before you buy them. We can’t
    guarantee upfront that every lens fits. Also some lenses will have more
    vignetting or distortions then others.

    best regards,

  4. I have just purchased the Movie mount , Sorry I have to disagree I don’t know what you expect for $60 But I am very happy with it , as for the on off switch mine is is easy to get too through the lens aperture slot and the whole thing will be sitting on top of a tripod hows it going to get bumped hard enough that will break it. if that happens it will all be sitting in a heap on the floor