ShowBiz Expo ’10 – The Cube kicks Mountains of Ass

Super Awesomeness, thy name is CUBE!

This is without a doubt the niftiest thing I’ve seen in a while. The Cube by Teradek is a real-time, camera-mounted video streaming encoder. In other words, it takes video from your camera, encodes it into h.264 video, then streams it over a wireless network to your laptop. The video is then immediately available for viewing via your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running the Air Video app.  That means instant wireless dailies! SICK!

But wait, there’s more.  It will also stream wirelessly to any mobile device with a web browser!  That means you can use your iPhone or iPad as a wireless video tap for your camera.  It’s not perfect, since there’s a 10 second delay caused by iOS’s need to buffer video before starting playback.  I’m told Teradek is working on an iOS app of their own, which will remove the 10 second delay… but it might be a while before we see that in the app store.

Limitations aside, this thing is the bomb.  Me want.

Check out the video, and see why I’m all tingly.


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8 Responses

  1. Hi Sebastian,

    The Cube handles the recording. It encodes and records video files wirelessly to a shared folder on your laptop. You can configure the Cube’s settings (including the destination folder) via a web browser on a computer that’s on the cube’s network.

    Playback is handled by using an iOS app (like Air Video) that is accessing that same shared laptop folder (via its own free-to-download server software).

    Hopefully that made sense.


  2. Do you know the range of the wireless connection? The coolness factor mathematically decreases the closer you must be to maintain a connection.

  3. Hi Alan, I believe the range is around 300 feet. Not bad. Certainly good enough for most situations.

  4. Hi Dan, I don’t know much about the decoders, except that when you use one, you’ll get better video quality, and you’ll be able to view your video on a standard monitor (rather than a computer or iDevice screen). You can get much more info on their website. http://www.Teradek.com

  5. But a ten second delay makes it’s usefulness questionable.

    It needs virtually zero lag to be an actual asset for any practical production use.

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