The new Control Center in iOS7 will save your recordings

After watching the WWDC keynote for a second time (yeah, that’s how I roll), I realized that iOS 7’s new Control Center feature will be awesome for filmmakers!  Here’s why…

This new feature provides quick and easy access to useful toggle switches (i.e. Wifi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, etc.) without having to launch and navigate through menus in Settings.  Among these toggles is a switch to enter Airplane Mode (very subtly pointed out in the screenshot above). In case you didn’t already know, you should always shoot in Airplane Mode (unless you’re live streaming).  If you forget to enter Airplane Mode, there’s a decent chance your audio will suffer from occasional dropouts and glitches caused by interference. Airplane mode prevents these dropouts!

By giving users the ability to quickly enter Airplane Mode, more filmmakers are likely to do it before hitting the record button.

Simple as that. Hallelujah!

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  1. I agree! I shot a music video with my iphone 4S last weekend and I was getting calls and text and keep interrupting the shoot! Thanks for pointing this feature. Cant wait to upgrade to iOS7! :)

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