Updates a poppin’!

Greetings campers!  Here’s a few recent app updates you might not be aware of.

Vintage Video Maker 1.5 – This great app for adding a old-time look to any video is now iPhone 4 friendly.

ProPrompter 1.5 – Some BIG improvements here.  When using the app on your iPad, you can now feed live prompter video to any VGA monitor using the iPad VGA connector!  Also in this update comes the ability to edit your prompter scripts in a WYSIWYG editor mode.  This means you can edit your scripts while knowing exactly what it will look like for your talent.  That’s awesome if you want to add very specific line breaks, etc. They’ve also addressed some bugs.  Here’s a look at ProPrompter (and some related hardware) in action.

mRelease 1.0.3 – They’ve made it iPhone 4 friendly, and added an optional ‘Witness field.  Useful, I suppose, but I’m really looking forward to editable releases.  You can read our review here.

Toland ASC Digital Assistant 1.1 – Yup, there’s already update!  This new version adds high-res graphics for the iPhone Retina display.  It also squashes a few bugs and such.  You can watch an interview with the developers right here.


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  1. Woah! Charlie, you are not kidding! There’s a flame war going on over there. That’s quite a bummer, as previous versions were pretty damn nifty. Guess we’ll have to see how this one pans out.

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