What?! You Forgot Our Anniversary again?!

Strike up the band, and let the pigeons loose! Hand Held Hollywood is celebrating its first month on the web.  And what a month it’s been!

We’ve welcomed tens of thousands of readers from over 60 countries. We’ve been featured in broadcasts around the world, including the CBS Radio News, and Mac OS Ken. And we’ve started our climb up Alexa’s web ranking — from 6,926,488 to 2,626,320. Woohoo! We’re 2,626,320!…whatever that means.

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for every HHH link you’ve posted, every HHHollywood tweet you’ve retweeted, and every friend or co-worker you’ve pointed in our direction.  You’re the reason we’ve had such a great launch. Keep doin’ what ‘cha doin’!

More thanks, and great big hugs, to our loyal sponsors.  They keep the lights on, and the hard drives spinning.  Please continue to support their products and services.

So, what’s next? Here’s a tease of what’s coming up in the next couple weeks. We’ll be doing a hands-on preview of the OWLE Bubo iPhone grip. We’ll be covering several new applications including ReelDirector, the first app that allows video editing on the iPhone. And we’ll show you how to use your iPhone as your own portable casting database.

In the months ahead, we’ll be reporting live from the Consumer Electronics Expo, the Macworld Expo, and NAB.

Good times!


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  1. congrats Hand Held Hollywood! hope there’s continued rise in rankings and even more great coverage!