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ShotList puts a shot list in your pocket

UPDATED: I just added a quick update about the newly released, version 3! It’s at the bottom of this post. Organization is key on any film set. Without it, production would descend into chaos. Fortunately, a new tool called Shot List can help you keep track of your shot lists while on set. The setup of the application is very simple, so as not to get in the way of your workflow. But, don’t let the simple interface give you the wrong idea. Shot list includes just about any feature you would need. The app combines some of the best

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DoddlePro brings Interactive Call Sheets to the App Store

The wait is over! Mobile Imagination has finally released doddlePRO. As you may recall from our previous coverage, Doddle is a huge online huge production directory.  Inside, you can find virtually any piece of gear, service, or crew member.  Up until now, there were only two flavors of Doddle in the App Store. Doddle (free, but has ads) and Doddle Premium ($2.99, no ads). The new doddlePRO ($9.99) adds digital interactive call sheets that work alongside the vast database that the company has compiled since its launch. All three versions feature a clean interface with easy to access features.  I’ve reviewed just about every call

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Round Two: Pocket Call Sheet Reviewed

Last week, I reviewed iProdyaCallSheet. Now, due to reader requests, I’m taking a look at a similar app called Pocket Call Sheet ($6.99) from Snake Byte Studio. When you first open Pocket Call Sheet, you are presented with a list of all your previously generated call sheets, along with the ability to create a new sheet for other productions. When creating a new call sheet, you enter your specific information into nine separate sections. The first is called Production, and it includes the production’s title, company, studio, 1st day of shooting, and the current day of shooting (which will be

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Create Call Sheets on the Go

How many times have you had the dilemma of needing to create a call sheet on the go? Now, that problem has been solved with an app from iProdya, called iProdyaCallsheet. First off, the app costs $2.99 in the app store and is one of only two call sheet apps currently in App Store. The other is Pocket Call Sheet, and costs $6.99. iProdyaCallsheet is organized by five buttons along the bottom of the app: Call Sheets, Contacts, Risks, Settings and Archive. The interface is clean, although the first time I opened the app, a few of the data fields confused

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