DV EXPO: Autocue QTV Teleprompter

While traversing the expo isles, I came across a new handheld teleprompter from Autocue Qtv. It looks pretty solid, plays nice with your iPhone, and I’m sure it would give your on-camera talent a boost. That’s the good news.  The bad news is the high price ($899). For many pros, the expense is worth it. Aaron Brady from Autocue Qtv can tell you more about it.

This is the first teleprompter hardware I’ve mentioned on HHH that employs beam-splitting glass (the technique used in most professional situations). If you want to learn more about this sort of teleprompter, watch the end of the video, and I’ll do my best to explain.

Please excuse the picture and sound quality.


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One Response

  1. That hardware looks really slick. I’ve actually never seen a handheld teleprompter before.

    That said, some thick, dark fabric, the glass from a picture frame, and a few pieces of wood will create a nearly identical device for, like, one percent of the cost. The hardest part of the equation is the video source, and luckily the iPhone is pretty ideal for that. And the wing looks like it might be able to pivot into the proper position for such an arrangement, which makes building the rest that much easier. Looking forward to more coverage on that thing.

    Keep it up, Taz. This is an exciting new avenue for filmmaking!